Lazy Bastard Manifesto

1. There are two kinds of Lazy Bastards – someone who is simply a Lazy Bastard, and someone who finds the smarter way of doing things which requires less effort.
2. A Lazy Bastard will never jump into doing something without first figuring out the easiest (ie., most efficient) way to do it – measure twice, cut once ye Lazy Bastard.
3. A Lazy Bastard will never try too hard because if you’re trying too hard, ye might be doing something wrong.
4. A Lazy Bastard understands that when you are in the zone, things ye do best come easily.
5. A Lazy Bastard must seek to understand how things work, so they can find a shortcut.
6. A Lazy Bastard shall not chase their tail to get results – lest they find pleasure in it for it’s own sake.
7. A Lazy Bastard shall wait until someone else spends their capital finding something that works – and then will build a better mousetrap to reap the rewards.
8. A Lazy Bastard does not chase, but understands the greater value in being chased after.
9. A Lazy Bastard shall always seek shortcuts where possible – why start a fire to make toast when you can pop it in the toaster ye Lazy Bastard!
10. If you’re trying to find where the money is – then follow the money you Lazy Bastard – have we taught you nothing?!